Basics of Antivirus Software

This is the basic antivirus software that can be used on Windows 7 for protecting your data and the actual firmware against malware attacks.

This means that Microsoft Security Essentials can completely replace antivirus software from companies like McAfee and Norton that charge for their software and for yearly access to updates. Almost every big brand antivirus software manufacturer claims that Microsoft Security Essentials average malware detection rate is just too risky to count on. However, Microsoft has never made the claim that Microsoft Security Essentials is the best and the only antivirus software their customers should use with their PCs. Still Mcafee performs the best among antivirus for activation visit

Many users feel that Microsoft Security Essentials is completely complementary with the Microsoft operating system and trust in the brand name, so they feel that Microsoft Security Essentials will be the only malware protection they need. The study claims that each antivirus software product was installed on computers and exposed to all sorts of malware that average users could encounter in real life. Shortly after Microsoft Security Essentials was released, Symantec published a study called “Norton Antivirus 2009 Versus Microsoft Security Essentials: A Comparative Anti-Malware Test.” While Symantec did of course sponsor the test, the company contracted the prominent UK independent testing lab, Dennis Technology Lab, to run the tests.

Hi yes AVG is free but you don’t get all the benefits that you get if you have a paid version of AVG , AVG is very good i have used the paid version and i find it really good to uninstall NORTONS from your computer you can just go to control panel on your computer then to programs and features find norton internet security or which version you have and click on it then click uninstall / remove at the top of the page follow the prompts make sure to click remove all of nortons and it will uninstall the other easy way is to go to nortons web site look for nortons removal or uninstaller tool click on it and follow procedure and it will remove nortons from your computer , you mentioned chinese if you’re chinese then norton should be in chinese for you not english and easy to follow….. have faith and go for it use norton removal tool an you’ll have no problems ok 88. They can also scan, detect and remove viruses, spyware and malware that have taken hold of consumers’ computer or server either with avast products or through the Microsoft recommended tools like Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender (home) or Microsoft Forefront Enterprise (business). Cost of good commercial Antivirus vs time spent fixing a couple of machines a few times a year that get infected – Do the Math – false economy -The AVG Business Edition for 10 PCs/Servers is under $500 for 2 years.

Therefore, you should always buy a good antivirus like Norton and Microsoft security essentials, as soon as you get your personal computer and an internet connection. This highly acclaimed Internet Security software is something that offers completely secure work environment for safety to working-individuals, children playing online games, protection for people making online payments, assurance for youngsters collecting data online. The Norton antivirus may be downloaded on line but alternatively the users might also have an problem in getting the modern day softwares updated and hence the customers might also have positive problem sin that as nicely.

The activation key of the software may wander away or the users of the Norton antivirus may additionally have an problem in getting access to the equal key. Without a reliable antivirus download, you are leaving yourself open to various viruses that enter your PC anytime you are browsing the net. Always remember that before choosing antivirus software for your PC you need to realize your PC’s needs so it is fully protected against any security threats that degrade system performance and lead to performance slowdown.

Apart from free antivirus software, the latest software also offers more security against the latest threats that may come along our path with internet age. Windows 10 also includes various other protections introduced in Windows 8, like the SmartScreen filter that should prevent you from downloading and running malware, whatever antivirus you use.