Several New Patches for Windows Operating System

It’s not Patch Tuesday, but rather that doesn’t mean Microsoft can’t convey a boatload of patches for different kinds of Windows 10 through Cumulative Updates (CUs). On November 27, Microsoft made accessible for download CUs for a few of its more seasoned variations of Windows 10.

By “more seasoned,” I don’t mean antiquated. Microsoft took off today refreshes for Windows 10 1803 (the April 2018 Update); Windows 110 1709 (the Fall Creators Update); Windows 10 1703 (the Creators Update); and Windows 10 1607 (the Anniversary Update). The rundown of the different bug fixes and fixes for every one of the related KBs is recorded on the Windows 10 Update history bolster page.

The one clear form of Windows 10 that didn’t get an arrangement of patches today is Windows 10 1809 a k a, the October 2018 Update. (Standard clients who figured out how to snatch Windows 10 1809 preceding Microsoft pulled the discharge due to an information misfortune issue got a Cumulative Update to1809 on November 13.) Testers in Microsoft’s Windows Insider “DischargePreview” ring got a Cumulative Update to 1809 recently, as supported byComputerworld.

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Since Microsoft re-discharged that form of Windows operating system 10 on November 13 to standard clients, the organization has recognized there are a few known issues and issues with it, including ZIP documents, mapped drives, and Intel show drivers. There are extra issues which have sprung up with 1809, incorporating an issue with determining Win32 default applications – including Notepad – for opening explicit document types, and also an issue with getting to the Seek Bar in Windows Media Player.

Refresh (November 27): MS Power user is revealing that the Release Preview test construct settles the record affiliation and mapped drive bugs in 1809. Just honestly: This Cumulative Update is for Insiders just; it’s not yet accessible to standard clients.

In the event that it’s any reassurance to 1809 clients, it would appear that the Cumulative Updates to the more seasoned adaptations of Windows 10 discharged today all present the issue with the Seek Bar in Windows Media Player to Windows operating system 10.